3D Animation & Game Design:


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Course Description

In this program, students will learn to 3D model, create animations with basic video editing, write scripts, create storyboards, compositing, principles of  virtual lighting and understand 3D game & design concepts.  The Animation Standards will be used throughout the school year.  
These can be accessed through www.ade.state.az.us

Software Resources:  

3D Software, Final-Cut Pro, Adobe After-Effects, Photoshop, Unity 3D, Flash/Actionscripting, Alchemy, Illustrator,
Zbrush and Blender/Maya.


iMacs, digital camcorders, external microphones, 
audio mixers, Oculus Rift, Immersive Tracking System.


Various 3D Animation open-source eBooks to be used as instructional resources.

      Student Digifolios:       Use control - or + to zoom in or out (macs use command - or +)       

   Jero Delos Santos  11th Grade                                                         Toan Truong   11th Grade   

      Brody Painter    12th Grade     

       Samantha Bosse     10th Grade     


Objective:  Students create a digifolio using Adobe Dreamweaver/Flash tools that are ready for online posting.  The projects are to be reflective of projects completed throughout the school year.  

Criteria:  Students need to show examples of animation, 3D modeling, non-linear editing, digital graphic design, audio and a completed resume.

Skillsets:  Proficiency in Photoshop, Final-Cut Pro, Blender 3D, Garage Band, Dreamweaver, Flash, Mocha, After-Effects, Bryce, Motion, chroma-key, DSLR (includes video), lighting concepts, virtual-set design and audio mixing.

Outcome:  Career tools that students can post online for potential employers, online businesses and public-networking to both guide and assist in future job opportunities. These digifolios are intended as a continual work-in-progress.

A student critique follows and the entire class is given this rubric to help with the activity. They  are asked to be more constructive in their criticism -- rather than destructive --  in order to assist improving the digifolios so that the JTED students can later make changes on their own before they officially post their folios online.

A class session was devoted to various web-hosting sites, online webpage creators, and ftp applications so that students can edit, develop and post these online creations to further their career options.


Carpe Diem.